July, 2010
BDC was commissioned to revise the Koç University Master Plan and design a New Academic Building to accommodate the expansion requirements of the Colleges of Administrative Sciences, Social Sciences, Sciences, Law and Engineering. The New Academic Building includes 30,000 sm of high technology science and engineering laboratories, classrooms, seminar rooms, and offices. It is located at the north end of the academic campus. It is designed so that it can become an integral part of the architectural weave of the existing Koç University buildings.

The Court of Knowledge (Light)
This New Academic Building and its related courtyards are designed to be a befitting architectural terminus to the sequence of interconnected buildings and courtyards that start from the main entrance portal to the Koç University academic campus, “The Portal of Knowledge (Light)”

“The Portal of Knowledge” which leads to the Koç Meydan and then to the sequence of the Business, Humanities, Science, and Engineering courtyards, with the addition of this New Academic Building, will terminate in the “Court of Knowledge (Light)” . It is called the “court of knowledge” because the interconnected New Building surrounding it houses all the scientific disciplines of the University.

The central feature of this courtyard is a Skylight/ Pool over the largest Engineering laboratory of the Campus, putting on display, for the students, faculty and visitors, the content and activities of the laboratory below as well as the technological precision of the illuminated Pool/Skylight and nature above.
Memory Walk: This courtyard with its illuminated Skylight/Pool symbolizing Life (water), Light (knowledge and technology) is also a befitting terminus to the “memory walk” of the campus which spans from the Koç Meydan to the Engineering Courtyard. Walking along the path, one observes the cultural history of Turkey by viewing a collection of museum pieces starting with a display of objects from antiquity in the Humanities Courtyard to industrial examples of sophisticated machinery in the Engineering Courtyard.

In this last courtyard, the “Court of Knowledge,” the main display is the design of the court and its Skylight/Pool symbolizing the technological contribution of the Koç University itself to the history and culture of Turkey.