How to Book your Flying Dress Experience?

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The Experience

We are the number One Dubai Experience Destination for women’s beauty.

Floganza Dubai, formerly Dubai Flying Dress Official, offers a memorable flying dress photoshoot experience. The authenticity of the concept is defined by Dubai’s two mythical locations, lost in the middle of the desert or on the Palm Jumeirah with Burj Al Arab as a background.

Much more than a simple photography session, we create a personalized and unforgettable Flying Dress photography experience to make you look beautiful and feel confident. We are the number One Dubai Experience Destination for women’s beauty.


The Excellence

Floganza Dubai, formerly Dubai Flying Dress Official, is the premier Flying Dress Photoshoot provider in Dubai since January 2020.

Our team is 100% expert and Exclusively dedicated to flying dress photoshoots requirements.

From the booking onwards, our team of experts will provide to our valued clients: a personalized experience, responsiveness, confidence, a professional service and also affordable premium prices.

Coupled with a worldwide reputation, Customer satisfaction and highest quality photography service are our main motivation drivers. We are working with highly trained and qualified experts, in order to make this experience a treasure for decades: photographer, Makeup artists, Hair Stylists and private drivers.

Floganza Dubai, formerly Dubai Flying Dress Official, team employs the best possible equipment and skills to ensure the finest results to your flying dress photoshoot experience.

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The Flying Dresses Catalogue

We have a wonderful collection of Four Flying Dress models and Twelve colors, fitting all body shapes and sizes. Our flying dress assortment, created by the founder, allows clients the freedom to select the styles that best suit their personal desires before your photoshoot session.

We don’t rent or sell our flying dresses, as they are exclusive with our photographer, through a flying dress photo shooting experience.

signature flying dress model

Signature Flying Dress

One Size (Fits All)

the Glam Flying Dress model

Glam Flying Dress

One Size (Fits All)

Modest Flying Dress

One Size (Fits All)

Kids Flying Dress

One Size (Up to 12 years old)


Anywhere, Anytime, Beauty Services at Your Doorstep

Floganza Dubai, formerly Dubai Flying Dress Official, achieves excellence by offering premium and personalized Beauty Services at your hotel, before your flying dress photoshoot.

Makeup Service
Hair Styling Service


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