Helo is the newest way live stream, discover top content, get discovered, gift, get rewarded, and never miss out on any gems happening nearby. A community of performers and viewers curated by the rules of engagement.

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We all have dreams and talents we want to show to the world. Well, not all of us but still we fear we haven’t found the right time, the right moment, or the right place to give it a shot. How about wherever you are now? Express yourself like there’s no mañana.


People from all over are already part of our community, so make sure you don’t miss out on unique and fresh content happening around you. We make sure we always welcome new artists, influencers, yogis, foodies, unicorns, etc. to our community. Like them.


Some of the best live streamers could be at a concert or bar near you. Or even your neighbor could be a tai-chi zumba expert. If that’s even a thing.
Ok, curiosity killed the cat.

I’m downloading Helo to find out.


Ok, so it’s not all for nothing. Once you’re live and you get a ton of viewers, you should encourage them to send you stars. You can then cash the stars into your PayPal account. And make it rain.


And that’s how we’re building our community of only the best. A friend, a follower, a coach, and a top talent at the time.

Look at your camera

And 3...2….1… You’re Live! Just kidding.

Get early access to our Helo community! In addition to our great content that you can watch on the go, we’re working on cool events so we’ll let you know when they happen or new bloggers join our talent team.

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