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Many pharmaceutical and medical companies will experience a merger or acquisition at some point in their life-cycle.

Stonehaven specialists can help you carefully analyse the benefits and drawbacks of potential mergers and acquisitions. We explore financial projections, operating overlaps and cultural fit to give your company an edge in the global human pharma market. If it makes sense to move forward, we can structure the deal to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Our associates have extensive experience in assisting clients with mergers and acquisitions across various sectors, including Human Pharma, Animal Health, Medical devices and Nutrition. We work tirelessly to help you determine price, manage negotiations, minimize risk post-acquisition and figure out the tax structure of merger and acquisition agreements. Our custom Merger and Acquisition Package covers all stages of the process – from M&A advisory and financings to initiation, negotiation and finalization of transactions.

We improve our clients’ odds of successful M&A through an industry-applied, battle-tested approach that integrates acquisition strategy, diligence and merger integration.

The virtuous cycle for M&A begins with Stonehven building a strong M&A capability that forms the foundation for the success of the model through five key steps:

  • Corporate and acquisition strategy: We help you develop a clearly articulated strategy and an M&A plan that reinforces that strategy. Stonehaven’s heritage is built on helping companies develop time-tested strategies that create value.
  • Deal thesis: We enable companies to invest with a thesis. Successful deals are guided by a meaningful deal thesis tied to a firm’s growth strategy. Our focus lies on deals that will add value both to the target and acquiring company.
  • Strategic due diligence: We ask and answer the big questions. We know the best acquirers identify the key sources of ongoing value. We know exactly where potential investors can add value and when to walk away if the price isn’t right.
  • Merger integration planning: We integrate where it matters. Corporate culture matters and no two companies have the same business model. We help organizations carefully consider aspects from culture to IT in order to realize the full value of the deal.
  • Merger integration execution: Merging two companies requires rigorous follow-through on a long list of integration tasks. We rely on a few, powerful guiding principles: tailoring the integration thesis to the deal thesis; integrating where it matters; and acting with deliberate speed.

Based on our analysis and years of experience with global Pharmaceutical and Animal Health players as well as smaller companies and start-ups —our mergers and acquisitions experts believe that the key to successful M&A is a repeatable model; one that lets companies reap substantial rewards.

Stonehaven’s Merger and Acquisition consultants help companies in the pharma and medical sectors build and execute on their own repeatable models for M&A. We apply our expertise to guide organizations and management teams where to grow through joint ventures and alliances or divestitures and separations in a global landscape.

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