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From stall speed to reflation: a turning point for investment planning in the pharma sector

Stonehaven’s primary goal is to protect and grow the wealth of our clients. When possible, we encourage investment in a sustainable and responsible manner within the industry. Our aim is to promote an approach that has a positive impact on wider society and the planet as a whole. We have been pioneering this gentle path since 2015 and consequently have extensive knowledge in ethical, sustainable and pharmaceutical investments.

Our clients have differing needs and differing experiences in terms of investment markets. Our approach is personalized, informative and collaborative with the aim to invest their funds in a manner that suites their investment preferences, and the degree of investment risk appropriate for their circumstances.

Using a distinctive, purpose-based approach to investment planning, we help our clients identify the various purposes of their business opportunities and then create asset allocations and customized, segregated investment portfolios for each purpose. The goal of this approach is to provide better alignment of risk to purpose, more robust risk factor diversification, and greater clarity about the required duration of each portfolio for the long-term goals of the organization as a whole.

We unlock opportunities for growth responsibly and sustainably

Our experience shows investors who adopt our systematic approach to diversifying their portfolios have been rewarded with consistent levels of return which do not supersede the financial objectives or values of their companies. We work with a team of proven professional fund managers and industry experts, who are well-versed in helping companies get the most from their financial investments.

Stonehaven employ a small team of in house investment professionals who are dedicated to investment research. We provide guidance to our clients, regarding the themes unfolding in financial markets and asset classes which may benefit or lose from these. We regularly meet with our clients to discuss and review their portfolios: our focus is on long term investments and make all of our recommendations in respect of your portfolio.

We work side-by-side with business executives to help their companies create unprecedented value. Our deep experience in finance, organization design, M&A, investor relations management and change management enables us to create competitive advantages through strategic corporate finance. Our Investment Planning consulting work integrates corporate strategy, financial strategy, transactions and a capital markets perspective to help pharma and medical companies and their teams create value. We also help organizations improve their investor relationship management, prepare for, and respond to, the approach of activist investors.

At Stonehaven we are intensely focused and deeply experienced in the investment discipline. Our advisors have the ability to access on your behalf some of the best investment opportunities across all asset classes and geographic categories, including well as private capital, theme and social/impact investing. We present our clients with customized investment structures, and fully coordinated services including manager sourcing, due diligence and monitoring.

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